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The Fall Trade Show Season is Upon Us.

The sounds and heat of summer are being replaced with cool Autumn breeze. Autumn is a favoured season for many. Autumn is also one of the busiest seasons for the business world. Thus, many corporates are getting ready for B2B Trade Shows. This is a time to unveil your innovative products and services. This is a time to build valuable relationships that will lead to future business growth. The most powerful tool to showcase your brand and influence people to take action is with branded promotional products and Merch. Did you know,  83% of people are more likely to do Business with the brand on a promo product they receive. Design Marketing are specialists in trade show merch, including Table Cloths and Banners.




Branded merchandise has the power to move people emotionally, as well as to motivate and persuade. Whether you are connecting with consumers, motivating employees or treating corporate executives, no other form of marketing is more effective than placing a properly selected item in the hands of your target audience. We are a one-stop service to help you build, implement and manage all your promotion, uniform and workwear requirements.

Design Marketing has worked as a consultant and supplier of promotional products apparel and workwear for over 40 years. We are innovative and creative. We work quickly and professionally. Design Marketing prides itself as a women-owned business with a national presence, servicing Halifax, Toronto, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Moncton and St. John's. 



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